This is your job seeker/candidate hub and it is the place you can hold and edit your online resumes, job bookmarks and alerts. Candidate hubNotify potential employers by applying for jobs in Southend and present your Job Finder profile in a professional way.

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There is an example of a profile page here



  1. Remember to keep your resumes short and concise, if it is too wordy potential employers could get bored and move on so get your point across quickly and clearly.
  2. How you present your resume/CV is really up to you but make it clean and tidy, not cluttered.
  3. Don’t go made on Social Media, if you have social media profiles make use of them but if you haven’t posted on one for years don’t bother using it.
  4. Make sure you get across to potential employers all those skills you have.
  5. Keep it real!


Reed do some good CV/Resume templates