Get the right job candidates

Get the right job candidates

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Advertising a job vacancy is easy….Getting the right people to apply isn’t quite so easy. Southend JobFinder would like to give you, the employer a few tips.

So you have a job to advertise but have advertised it before and got applications from people that don’t quite fit the bill?

In an ideal world you advertise a job and all the applicants are right for you and you have the great job of finding the best of the bunch.

In reality you advertise a job and get loads of applications that……..well don’t quite meet the job requirements.

Maybe it is that your job advert has missed it’s mark, who knows but below we would like to point you in the right direction to getting your advert out to people you want to attract.

We can’t and won’t say that we can guarantee these tips will work but Southend JobFInder has searched long and hard to find some tips from the experts that we hope you will find success with.

Here are our top 5 as we see it

  1. A good job title – Keep in mind you want people to find you job when they search. If your role is for a Car Sales Manager use that and not Sales Manager which could be anything.
  2. The role – Give a brief summary of the role and keep it snappy, tell the person clearly what the role is
  3. Your company – Tell the applicants about that great company you have, about the environment they will be working in, what the company has achieved over the years or if you are a new company what your goals are. Again keep it brief and exciting.
  4. The key requirements for the role – A bullet list is always good but don’t make it overly long and make sure you don’t double up, keep the roles clear and concise.
  5. Remember – At this stage you are selling the role and want the best applicants so keep the type of applicant you want in the back of your mind while writing. And remember this is the first contact, you can go into more detail at later stages. So for now sell it!



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