Write a great CV in 2018

Just three simple steps

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To a great resume

  • Select a resume from our library of professional designs
  • Build your resume with our industry-specific bullet points
  • Download your resume, print it out and get it ready to send!

That is what myperfectresume.com say and who are we to argue but we would like your opinion?

I personally think this is a good place to build you Resume/CV because it gives you options and it’s current. “Why is that important?” you may ask

Well, I done my last CV some years back and know now that there are things on it that I need to either change or remove for example I have my age and interests outside of work, (to clarify this  can be worth adding if relevent but don’t add things that are run of the mill like “reading”) neither are relevent in todays job market.

My Resume starts by asking “What do you want your resume to look like?” and as we are all different this is important as we want/need to stand out from others.

Now the next step is one that I like. Once you select your template you can either

  1. Start from scratch – Use the template and add your details
  2. Upload your current resume/CV – You can then drag or upload your resume/cv and myresume.com will format it into your newly chosen template and you can upload in the following formats DOC, DOCX, PDF, ODT, HTM, RTF, TXT

The system is then a follow through in that it guides you through the various sections, you completing your details as you go.

Once done  download and upload to your preferred job board eg Southend JobFinder or direct to a new application.

It is simple I am pleased to say as creating a resume can be a bit tiresome especially if you are not sure where to start

Below are a few tips for writing a good resume/CV based on external recruiters who you would like to think are up there with the latest trends.

CV Library

  • Who are you?
  • What can you offer the company?
  • What are your career goals?

The Guardian online

  • Make your CV brief, easy-to-read and packed with numbers to catch the attention of hiring managers and recruiters
  • Make the hiring manager want to open your CV

I think that last one is really import  “Make the hiring manager want to open your CV” 

Having sat wading through resumes/CV’s I know that you need to stand out from the crowd and for a lot of job vacancies that crowd can be massive so Managers want to see something that takes their interest.

Southend JobFinder(That’s us)

  • Be accurate, check your spelling and grammar
  • Get someone else to read through it, your friends and family can really help with pointers

The Job Site 

  • Keep it real, not false
  • Ditch the thesaurus and jargon (I like this one – tell it how it is in plain English)
  • Avoid irrelevant lists of previous jobs

Finally Covering letters – And here is a good brief from Monster

A cover letter isn’t ever going to win you a job by itself, but a badly worded letter is going to cause doubts in the employers mind right from the start.

A good cover letter explains why you, over all the other candidates, are worth taking the time to find out more about. This is designed for an individual who is unemployed and looking to get back into work. If you think your Cover Letter is ready to provide your CV with some helpful back up, create one on Monster now.

So to get started please visit MyResume.com

If you have any great tips please write to us below or on our forums


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